Astrological Consultations
North Wiltshire, Bath and surrounding area

• Natal Astrology – natal interpretation focusing on the birth chart with an analysis of major life themes, areas of strength, challenges and potential

• Forecasting – an analysis of current transits, progressions and planetary cycles influencing past, current and future trends

• Vocational – an interpretation of career and vocational potential shown in the natal chart

• Synastry – analysis of relationship issues and related themes based on an interpretation of two charts

• Horary – the interpretation of astrological charts for specific questions

• Astrology tuition – 1-2-1 tuition, tailored to suit, either in person or via Skype

About Caduceus

Caduceus is the name of the herald's staff carried by the messenger god Hermes in Greek mythology, and the basis for the astrological symbol for the planet Mercury, traditional ruler of the craft of astrology. The roots of this symbol stretch back more than 5,000 years to Sumerian times; it also appears in the Buddhist tradition as the personal 'Mudra' of the Indian king Ashoka. Two entwined serpents represent the dual concepts of negotiation and reciprocity.

The idea that 'destiny is negotiable' – originally conceived by the Company of Astrologers with whom I trained – lies at the heart of my astrology; I have a largely divinatory approach which centres on the Western horoscopic tradition and the teachings of the seventeenth-century astrologer, William Lilly.  

My aim is to work collaboratively with clients to help them gain a fuller understanding and work with their innate potential and the challenges they face  within their lives.


Natal Astrology

A general character analysis based on an interpretation of the birth chart, with a focus on the fundamental themes revealed in the horoscope. Birth data must be supplied in advance and and a subsequent face-to-face consultation usually takes between 60 and 90 minutes.


Following the natal consultation it is often helpful to take a deeper look at forthcoming transits, progressions and planetary returns when certain areas of the natal horoscope are likely to be activated. An annual Solar Return based on a birthday can often be an enlightening time for such a reading. 

Horary Questions

For specific questions and dilemmas, a horary chart can offer direction and guidance. Typical examples of topics examined in this way may include specific relationship issues, property and business transactions, job applications, financial investments.


Relationship issues can often be reflected and better understood when two natal horoscopes are compared. Please note that this must always be done with the explicit consent of the other party.


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